bootup problem, enabled YP Services

Started by iPoe, August 03, 2006, 12:04:44 pm

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hello world,

i messed up my running openstep on black nextstation by configuring yellow pages services wrong.
so the nextstation startup until the moment "starting YP-Services" and hungs now...

is there any possibility to skip, reconfigure or disable the startup of YP?

its openstep on a nextstation color...



It might be possible to press "ctrl-c" when it hangs at yp startup, to interrupt the process. Otherwise, boot into single user mode and try to fix it with the ni-utils (I haven't worked with yp, so I don't know where to disable the feature). To boot into single user, press command - ~ (I think it's the left command key, but not sure) during the testing system message and then boot with "-s" (bsd -s or something like that).