Anybody get the GNU Scientific Library to compile on NS 3.3?

Started by spintronic, December 09, 2013, 04:11:22 am

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Hi all,
  I managed to compile GSL 1.0 on my NeXTstep 3.3 machine but the library did not build correctly. I don't think the libtool that GSL builds works correctly on NeXT.Has anybody made GSL on their hardware before? It would be nice if I could get GSL 1.16 build but it looks like I would have to upgrade grep, sed, and awk in order for that to happen.

How are static and shared libraries made on NeXTStep?

Thanks for adding me to the forum.

- Jovan


Welcome to the forums!

Static libraries on NS33 are built in a very traditional way using the 'ar' archiver on the object files.

Shared libraries are something else though and the GNU libtool will be of no help here.  In fact there is really not much point building shared libraries on NS33 unless one is trying to rebuild the system libraries.  Have a look at my 'I am able to build NS shared libraries' topic in the 'Porting New Software' forum.

For that reason I always use --disable-shared and --enable-static configure switches when building GNU software.

BTW - I have built fairly recent grep, sed and gawk for NS33 m68k.


I'll try to figure out how to get GSL to stop using libtool then. Even when I configure with --disable-shared and --enable-static it tries to use libtool to build a libutil library.


If this is not working, there may be another way, using
It can compile static libraries but it may need a lot of work to port the source code as a PB project format.