Best way to source old software?

Started by dgb75, February 06, 2014, 05:41:49 am

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I'm looking around for old Next software, and I'm wondering what the best way to source it is. I've got Openstep on a VM and my old cube is going to be shipped down to me soon.

Things I'd like to get a hold of
* Wordperfect
* Mathematica (thought I'd found it, but no reply from the guy running blackhole)
* Doom (if it runs on white hardware)
* SoftPC (for when I get an Openstep-capable laptop)


NeXTstep Doom (version 1.2 for Black and White) can be found here
Not sure whether it runs on OpenStep though.

Mathematica license is bound to hardware, activating it may be hard today.


I tried to dig up Mathematica for NS 3.3, but I could not find any version for Intel CPUs. I have a working archive for m68k though, but this will have to wait until the guys working on Previous are done  8)


WordPerfect (works on Intel) here:

If anyone has a later version, I hope they'll let us know.