Using WorldWildWeb (the first Web Browser)

Started by jvernet, May 02, 2014, 09:24:22 am

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I will need to make a little demo -just for fun- of the first Wold Wide Web browser, as found here:

Im trying it on my TurboColor NSLab (NS 3.3, RAM 128 MB), but cannot go very far... In fact, I cannot even open a simple page, as menus do nothing.
I only can access to the About Box, and an box where I can do nothing... Navigate/Open File do nothing. How can I put (can I ?) put an URL ?

Does anybody tried this on a such hardware/software combination ? Any idea ? How does this thing work ???

I tried version 0.16, 1?0, 2.01. There is
somewhere a 2.02 version

The idea is just to show on this NSLab the first Web Page, wich can be done with Omniweb, but it's to easy ;).
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