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Started by barcher174, April 30, 2014, 04:15:10 am

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Hi All,

Does anyone have a tutorial on making x forwarding to nextstep work with a modern linux?



I am interested as well... Years ago was easy but the new Linux distros have changed and I obviously haven't done much..

If I remember correctly you have to enable the export (via xhost command) of the display then set the variable and voila! Modern Linux will need to have the port open (IPTables), enable TCP forwarding and  ssh working..

sorry, not much help but I'm here cheering for a solution too ;-)


It should be the same as any other X11 system: use "xhost +hostname" to allow connectivity from hostname, and then set the DISPLAY environment variable to tell the client system where to display its X11 apps.


With an X11 server at, and a remote system at

On, run:
% xhost +

Then, on, run:
% setenv DISPLAY
% xclock &
% xterm &
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