Question regarding SBSoundMidi driver

Started by winfried, August 22, 2006, 07:25:43 am

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Hi there,

I recently discovered a problem with the "SBSoundMidi" driver (from Stephen Brandon) for the soundblaster card under OPENSTEP 4.2: during boot up, I get the message

SBSoundMidi: tampered or incorrect license found. Disabling driver.

The driver worked bevor without any problems.
After removing and readding the driver again, it works again for a couple of reboots (one or two), before the message appears again. Has anybody seen this before or has a clue, what's the problem? Is there a limitation in the driver regarding a time limit or a limit of boots, before the driver quits? Could it be a Y2K problem? My system is OS4.2 with Patch 4.


I finally found the cause of my trouble:

the license string of SBSoundMidi is built upon the hostid, which in turn is based on the ethernet address.
Unfortunately, my Etherlink XL (3c905C) is detected with two alternating PCI ids: one time, the card is detected with one PCI id at boot up and another time, it's detected with another id. I don't know, what affects this behaviour, yet (possibly cold boot, warm boot? I haven't had the time to check this out).

The ethernet address of the card alternates between two addresses, depending on the detected PCI id. So if I register SBSoundMidi with one ethernet address, it won't work, when the other address is used the next boot up.

Now I also remember that during the installation of the system, I had to add one of the used PCI ids to the Instance0.table of the etherlink driver, so the card will be detected by the driver, independent of the PCI id.

My mainboard bios doesn't show the found PCI devices during self test, so I don't know the "real" id of the card. Has anyone seen something like that before?
I'd need a method, to force the card to always use one PCI id during PCI bus scan, or, alternatively, force one specific ethernet address to be used, or force a specific hostid, independent on the ethernet address to be used.



I solved it the "easy" way by loading the SBSoundMidi driver before the ethernet driver, so the hostid at this point is 0x00, with which I registered the license (disabling the ethernet during boot up and license the sound driver).

A behavior like this would disable the possibility of hostid based licenses in a production system, very annoying! Fortunately, I don't have licenses like this on my system (it's a hobbyist system anyway).

I don't know, if this problem affects anyone out there, but I described it here for the archives :wink: .