Really ancient NeXTstep versions?

Started by cuby, August 23, 2006, 08:36:46 pm

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as you might probably know, NeXTstep was originally developed on Sun 68030-based hardware (i.e., Sun 3/80 workstations). This posting seems to mislabel the development machine as Sun 386 (there was a Sun 386i machine - I have one here - but this was really 80386-based and running SunOS 4.0.x) instead of 3/80, but it mentions that the NeXTstep version running on this machine was 0.6.

I also have a Sun 3/80 here (too many computers... ;-)) and would really love to get hold of that pre-release version of NeXTstep. But I suppose this will be really hard to find?


I wonder if apple even has copies of the code that old.  Although I suspect it would look a lot like lites.

I guess you could always try to write the old NeXT software people for any info they have......
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