Copy of manual for OmniWeb 2.7?

Started by crimsonRE, December 24, 2014, 02:45:38 am

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Does anyone have a copy of the manual (likely an HTML file) for OmniWeb 2.7 (which is the last version for NextStep 3.3). I use OW all the time on my NextStep boxes  - both black HW and on the Sun Sparcstation 5 that I'm using to post this...and I'm sure there are some nuances to OW that I'm missing...
The Omnigroup no longer has the manual in their FTP archive (though the binary is still there).

If someone has it, perhaps it  can be placed into the NextFiles archive?


Ah, I can answer my own question - I found a copy of it over on David Shaw's excellent computing site, under

Happy holidays, all!

Michael Doyle
Charlottesville, VA


Well, I jumped the gun - the links on David's sight are to's long-defunct ftp mirror of the even longer-gone Peanuts archive...

So the question stands - does anyone have a copy of the manual for OmniWeb 2.x?