Getting file from the KB7SQI Google drive archive?

Started by crimsonRE, February 07, 2015, 07:17:10 pm

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Hi folks! I guess I'm just getting old and obtuse but I seem to be unable to save/download file from the Google drive archive of all the great work KB7SQI did. When I bring up the context menu after selecting a file, no option for "Save link as..." is present (only for saving the HTML page... This is with Firefox 24 (older, but not as old as this Google drive archive) on my PowerMac G4 under 10.4.11.
So how does one go about getting them?


OK, I poked around a bit and discovered how to do so: clicking on the file, then on a small down-pointing arrow in the succeeding screen...


I pushed the torrent contents into GitHub a few years back:

Should look at updating it.