Word Perfect and Improv bug bombs figured out....

Started by Rob Blessin Black Hole, March 10, 2015, 09:14:57 am

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Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello NeXT Community: So I undertook a project of monumental proportions , basically the NeXT original hard drive that took about 30 minutes to boot . 20 years of ambitious yet experimental efforts in networking from wht I was able to decifer had led up to this point and once the login screen appeared and entangled hodge podge of files and scattered directrories of all sorts.  As he is a good customer and now in his 90's I said let me see if I can untangle this LOL , oh it has been a project to say the least but from the heart.
So I started by installing Openstep fresh on a surrogate drive this allowed me to boot from that drive and bypass the network mishmash gridlock , I used a power splitter and multiconnector 50 pin and a zip drive externally so I would be able to juggled files back and forth and make backups. I created a folder on the surrogate and moved everthing that looked important into that folder by dragging and dropping the entire folder from drive a to b , under NeXT tools I opened the inspector to show size of the files  also had a console window to report the background goings on and processes to show the progress pie chart of the copy from a to b. After several hours I had all of the original files on the surrogate and backup on zip.
Phase 2 , I used build disk to wipe out the cluster f  on the original drive with a fresh new install. Then set the me account password so I would have a root login panel and that is where the nasty nested bug was created with regards to trying to figure out why some files bombed when trying to open and others were fine .  As we are talking 20 plus years of files and half of them , I finally figured out at 3 AM lol had to of been created on a NeXT where the password was never set for me so there was no root and thus trying to open in root led to calamity.  In fact when I logged in as me I entered an even weirder yet tailored world where the background , fonts were changed the mouse clicker was moved to the right , etc  and wham the bloody Word Perfect Files I was told were very important; low and behold open with out friggin bombing yahoo. It turns out these most important of all files , well they are historical quotes from important characters in time , I started the project this morning a cakewalk 15 hours later I'm gold and a bit loopy.  I figured general quotes they must have business related motives so I got a good laugh as I figured it out.  The best part is he will no longer have to wait like an hour for it to boot up and all of his stuff works and I hope I live as long.  
Here is one of them that gave me a good laugh as it was ironic , it to was in the important file:
William Edward Hickson (January 7, 1803 - March 22, 1870), commonly known as W. E. Hickson, was a British educational writer. He was the author of "Time and Faith" and was the editor of The Westminster Review (1840-1852). He wrote part of the Official Peace Version of the British national anthem, approved by the Privy Council, found in the 1925 edition of Songs of Praise and, with one line changed, in the 1933 edition.

Hickson was the son of William Hickson, a boot and shoe manufacturer of Smithfield, London. Having studied schools in The Netherlands and Germany, he retired from the family business in 1840 to concentrate on philanthropic pursuits: particularly the cause of elementary education.[1] He became editor and proprietor of The Westminster Review which was notable for its commitment to legislative reform and popular education.

He is credited with popularizing the proverb:

   'Tis a lesson you should heed:
   Try, try, try again.
   If at first you don't succeed,
   Try, try, try again.[2]

The proverb can be traced back to the writings of Thomas H. Palmer in his 'Teacher's Manual' and 'The Children of the New Forest' by Fredrick Maryat. [3] Hickson died at Fairseat, Stansted, Kent, where he was buried.

Have a good evening now I can sleep as another project is successfully off my plate a good deed warms the soul.  Best regards Rob Blessin
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