Renderman License

Started by daverising, March 10, 2015, 06:31:46 pm

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So here's the thing. I'm making a logo using I think it was ThreeD or something like that for my commercial youtube channel, and it renders using Renderman. I looked through the files of my NeXT computer and it has .rib files in it so I can assume it has built in Renderman and that's how it's rendering. So I was wondering, does NeXTstep contain a commercial license for renderman? I want actual answers, not "It won't matter since it's so old" type of answers. I want to do this legally.


The version of renderman that comes with nextstep is licensed as part of the OS. If you have a legal copy of nextstep then you're good to go, but I'm not sure if the tools are included with anything but mach (black hardware)

The included tools are:
The NEXTSTEP operating system comes with prman and qrman (Quick
RenderMan, Pixar's RIB previewer)