Equivalent to the Linux top command ?

Started by Hialmar, July 01, 2015, 03:36:51 pm

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Is there an equivalent to the top command available on OpenStep ?

Basically it shows the RAM usage, processor usage and the currently active processes.

If there is no equivalent, is there a way to find out the RAM usage ?



vm_stat - show Mach virtual memory statistics



actually there is top..
I have it running..  I have the source and compiled

Any ideas on how/where to put


Ah nice.
Could you share it through Dropbox, Google Drive or something like that ?


sure I could but from the Next? (Remember no modern browser or USB ports) and I don't have a floppy drive..


Ah yes that's a tricky part.

I use the FileZilla FTP server on a Windows PC and I upload things from the NeXT using the FTP command.

If you can't do that I could put a temporary account for you on my PC or on my website and you could upload there ?


I've never used filezilla, I'm pretty sure I can setup a ftp server in the RaspberryPi, just need time... I will try Sunday night..
Right now I'm off to bed, its 12:55am... getting sleepy here..

I even posted a thread in the mothership group, maybe some knows a way..

Stay tuned!


Ok cool. Thanks a lot.
Have a good night.

9am here ;)


You can find the source at https://ftp.nice.ch/pub/next/unix/admin/_top.0.5.NI.b/top-v0.5/. There should be a binary somewhere around there, too.