MiST as a jumping off point?

Started by itomato, October 17, 2015, 01:38:37 am

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The MiST FPGA board can imitate an Atari ST, and cores are available which emulate an Amiga 1200.

Verilog isn't my bag, but I can't help but think the road from Previous to new FPGA-based machines running Openstep isn't very far.

Anybody know about the feasibility of this?


I think the biggest problem will be the 68040/30 CPU. If someone releases a feature complete open core then we could begin talking. This on its own will be a huge undertaking and I can't imagine anyone doing it alone. Speaking of the mist board I don't think the FPGA has enough room to handle this generation of CPU.


FPGA size is cited as a limiting factor to the 68030+ instruction sets..

Maybe the CPU addon efforts to bring full 68K (040, 060) support to the Amiga FPGA systems will help one day.


There is a project called MiSTer by a user on the Atari-Forum website that uses a better FPGA chip, it might be capable of doing a 68040.


There is supposed to be a newer version of the FPGA Arcade board also, not sure when it will be out yet.