Best NEXTSTEP Text Editor

Started by GrafZahl, February 06, 2016, 07:50:43 pm

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What is the editor of choice if one wants to edit for instance a c file on NEXTSTEP 3.3? I know TextEdit is the default editor. But an editor with syntax highlighting support would be nice especially when used on a color system. I'm afraid vim may be a potential answer but was hoping that there would be a  more next like application like TextEdit around. Some undo redo support would be nice, too.  :)


Hi Graf,

development (aka "writing the code") on NeXTstep was AFAIR black and white. Personally I never used anything else than TextEdit and VIM for coding on NeXTstep.

After searching my archives documentation for keywords "syntax" and  "high" only ColorEdit.a0.1 showed up, a very early alpha release Editor for Intel platform.

So your assumption could be right and only the non NeXTish tools VIM and EMACS support developers with highlighting and undo. As checked yesterday, VIM does syntax highlighting, but no color. Maybe Terminal / Shell are lacking color support, not sure :)



Hi Nuss,

Thank you for you answer and efforts. I managed to install vim with black and white syntax highlighting today. Interesting but i guess just not my cup of tea for other things as editing config files once in a while. I found ColorEdit the day before your answered in the archives, too. But it complained while installing. I should have read the readme file to see that it is intel only ;)
I'll check out Project Builder on OpenStep next which has colored syntax highlighting.