Any NeXT drivers writers out there?

Started by Rob Blessin Black Hole, April 06, 2016, 07:02:00 am

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For those who want a copy (please feel free to mirror)



These are Apple HFS partitioned CD-ROM images.  So you'll need a Mac to read them.
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Quote from: "barcher174"Awesome! Thanks for posting.

Yeah totally!

I want to get the EIDE driver building, and try to make it play safer, I don't care about speed or capacity just yet.

I'm just sick of 'commad 0x20' timing out on anything new emulation wise, I want to get out of Qemu 0.90 land... And maybe onto native hardware!

But yes, lots of things to do, see how 0.1 and 0.3 really differ, get a built 0.3 dump, get that EIDE driver playing calmer, I don't care if it's PIO mode only.. lol.
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Quote from: "neozeed"For those who want a copy (please feel free to mirror)

Thanks, neozeed! Mirrored on my server:




Quote from: "cuby"
Quote from: "neozeed"For those who want a copy (please feel free to mirror)

Thanks, neozeed! Mirrored on my server:



Cool! Collectively, let's not lose these again!!!!

After realizing that I have the same NIC driver in NeXTSTEP, Rhapsody, and Darwin 0.1/0.3 /, and Darwin can use the root off both the OPENStep and NeXTSTEP CD's I think this is basically the source code that we've all been waiting for!
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kernel-7/ 05-Aug-1999 13:14

That makes this Rhapsody 5.5, the second to last release of the Mach 2.5 kernel.

While on one hand something much older with m68k may have been nice for black hardware, at the same time starting with something near the products end is good too.

I just need to work out to diff it better to see real changes.
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Quote from: "Morgon"
Quote from: "neozeed"

Wow awesome, the source to Darwin 0.1!

I don't suppose you ever saved ISO images of anything of that era?

Sorry, no, neozeed.

I have some more parts of the kernel sources but no ISO-images. I had only a slow and timed ISDN connection the time they were on the ftp archives.
I got them from the old leo ftp archive before their big disk crash when they lost much of the unique NeXT stuff they had :-(.

The driverkit file belongs to Darwin 0.2 and was not contained in the 0.1 release. As written before unfortunately I did not try grab everything from 0.2 relying on the later availabilty on the archives :(

I came across this post on gnu.gnustep.discuss

Looks like only the "Foundation" OS stuff. Foundation, AppKit, and the ilk
are not included. They consist of the value-added toys that Apple will
hold on to I think.

I'm no expert though, there is quite a bit of code in the directory. This
is the directory listing (Apple ppl: if this is a bad thing to do please
drop me a line. I'm sorry. ;-))

    CoreOSMakefiles-1.ta..> 16-Mar-1999 08:16    30k  
    Csu-1.tar.gz            16-Mar-1999 08:11    17k  
    DriverTools-1.tar.gz    16-Mar-1999 08:12    28k  
    Libc-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 08:14   514k  
    LibcAT-1.tar.gz         16-Mar-1999 08:14    79k  
    Libcompat-1.tar.gz      16-Mar-1999 08:15    37k  
    Libcurses-1.tar.gz      16-Mar-1999 08:15    46k  
    Libedit-1.tar.gz        16-Mar-1999 08:15    90k  
    Libinfo-1.tar.gz        16-Mar-1999 08:15   232k  
    Libkvm-1.tar.gz         16-Mar-1999 08:15    33k  
    Libm-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 08:16    75k  
    Librpcsvc-1.tar.gz      16-Mar-1999 08:16    30k  
    Libstreams-1.tar.gz     16-Mar-1999 08:16    32k  
    Libtelnet-1.tar.gz      16-Mar-1999 08:16    42k  
    Libutil-1.tar.gz        16-Mar-1999 08:16    16k  
    Liby-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 08:16     5k  
    SoundKit-1.tar.gz       16-Mar-1999 08:31   371k  
    adv_cmds-1.tar.gz       16-Mar-1999 08:32   127k  
    apache-1.tar.gz         16-Mar-1999 08:34   1.3M  
    architecture-1.tar.gz   16-Mar-1999 08:34    47k  
    at_cmds-1.tar.gz        16-Mar-1999 08:34    82k  
    autoconf-1.tar.gz       16-Mar-1999 08:35   418k  
    automount-1.tar.gz      16-Mar-1999 08:35    39k  
    awk-1.tar.gz            16-Mar-1999 08:35    51k  
    bash-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 08:57   1.4M  
    basic_cmds-1.tar.gz     16-Mar-1999 08:58   493k  
    bc-1.tar.gz             16-Mar-1999 08:58   231k  
    bison-1.tar.gz          16-Mar-1999 08:58   301k  
    boot-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 08:59  1021k  
    bootp-1.tar.gz          16-Mar-1999 09:00   118k  
    bootstrap_cmds-1.tar.gz 16-Mar-1999 09:00   269k  
    bsdmake-1.tar.gz        16-Mar-1999 09:00   242k  
    cvs-1.tar.gz            16-Mar-1999 09:01   2.3M  
    developer_cmds-1.tar.gz 16-Mar-1999 08:43   309k  
    diskdev_cmds-1.tar.gz   16-Mar-1999 08:45   986k  
    doc_cmds-1.tar.gz       16-Mar-1999 08:45    40k  
    driverLoader-1.tar.gz   16-Mar-1999 08:45    16k  
    emacs-1.tar.gz          16-Mar-1999 09:08  12.4M  
    enscript-1.tar.gz       16-Mar-1999 09:09   624k  
    file_cmds-1.tar.gz      16-Mar-1999 09:13   332k  
    files-1.tar.gz          16-Mar-1999 09:15   1.5M  
    flex-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 09:15   393k  
    gawk-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 09:17   967k  
    gm4-1.tar.gz            16-Mar-1999 09:17   323k  
    gnudiff-1.tar.gz        16-Mar-1999 09:17   328k  
    gnutar-1.tar.gz         16-Mar-1999 09:18   855k  
    gnuzip-1.tar.gz         16-Mar-1999 09:18   237k  
    grep-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 09:19   262k  
    groff-1.tar.gz          16-Mar-1999 09:20   981k  
    hfs-1.tar.gz            16-Mar-1999 09:32   248k  
    isoutil-1.tar.gz        16-Mar-1999 09:32    24k  
    kernel-1.tar.gz         16-Mar-1999 09:37   3.7M  
    kernload-1.tar.gz       16-Mar-1999 09:38    56k  
    keymaps-1.tar.gz        16-Mar-1999 09:38    70k  
    less-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 09:39   202k  
    m4-1.tar.gz             16-Mar-1999 09:39    24k  
    mail_cmds-1.tar.gz      16-Mar-1999 09:39   111k  
    misc_cmds-1.tar.gz      16-Mar-1999 09:39    64k  
    ncftp-1.tar.gz          16-Mar-1999 09:39   191k  
    netinfo-1.tar.gz        16-Mar-1999 09:40   388k  
    network_cmds-1.tar.gz   16-Mar-1999 09:44   1.4M  
    ntp-1.tar.gz            16-Mar-1999 09:47   4.4M  
    objc-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 09:48   228k  
    patch_cmds-1.tar.gz     16-Mar-1999 09:48   131k  
    perl-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 09:52   3.3M  
    rcs-1.tar.gz            16-Mar-1999 09:52   286k  
    rsync-1.tar.gz          16-Mar-1999 09:52   238k  
    sendmail-1.tar.gz       16-Mar-1999 09:53   1.0M  
    shell_cmds-1.tar.gz     16-Mar-1999 09:55   196k  
    sounds-1.tar.gz         16-Mar-1999 09:55   133k  
    system_cmds-1.tar.gz    16-Mar-1999 09:57   668k  
    system_config-1.tar.gz  16-Mar-1999 09:58    11k  
    tcl-1.tar.gz            16-Mar-1999 09:59   1.4M  
    tcp_wrappers-1.tar.gz   16-Mar-1999 09:59    98k  
    tcsh-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 10:00   606k  
    text_cmds-1.tar.gz      16-Mar-1999 10:01   203k  
    usrtemplate-1.tar.gz    16-Mar-1999 10:01     1k  
    volfs-1.tar.gz          16-Mar-1999 10:02    13k  
    wget-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 10:03   399k  
    yacc-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 10:03    59k  
    zlib-1.tar.gz           16-Mar-1999 10:03   169k  
    zsh-1.tar.gz            16-Mar-1999 10:04   743k  

Needless to say, at least you got driverkit from 0.2, since it wasn't in 0.1
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