Servicing NeXT (Canon) MO Drives

Started by korneluk, June 28, 2007, 06:27:00 pm

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Layout with twin OD and one SCSI2SD adapter.


I would like to report that several weeks ago I trained one of the employees at The Hackery how to dismantle, clean and recap a drive along with how to test the spindle motor while separated from the drive. The first unit done was an immediate success.  A second unit was also a success and a third unit was planned to be done however an error in a BoM meant that not enough capacitors were ordered.

Please note however this was strictly for training, I cannot say peronslly if they are or are not currently or planning to repair other drives in future.

-NeXT 68040 Cube with NS 3.3 and 64Mb ram

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Hello NeXT Community: I found this NeXT Optical Technical Spec docment hiding in plain site on my docs page, apologies if this is already in use! NeXT Optical Drive Technical doc
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