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NeXT File Archive Online

Started by Nitro, October 24, 2006, 09:08:53 pm

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We're happy to announce that we're bringing our Next file archive online.  We'll be adding to the archive as time goes on, but this is a good start.  You'll see a lot of unique information here as well as well as mirrored files from,, the Peak, etc.

I would like to give a special thanks to Markus Schmidt for sending us quite a few NeXT videos, which are available here:

Enjoy the file archives and send us an e-mail to admin <AT> nextcomputers <DOT> org if you have any files to add or find any files which are broken.


Damn.  There goes what's left of my free time for the next couple of days.

Thanks, Nitro!  This is a treasure trove of NeXT resources indeed!


Wow, this stuff is excellent, especially the software section.  Nice job!


We recently went through the NeXT file archive and did some reorganization and folder renaming, so you may need to adjust any saved links you might have.