NeXT based PACS workstation. Custom hardware?

Started by rice0067, June 12, 2015, 08:47:54 pm

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Check out this paper..
It looks like starting in 1990 there was some custom display hardware (talked about in another paper that I will try and dig up) for multiple 2Kx2k displays for radiology.

This paper has some interesting screenshots.
Anyone have personal experience with this?


M Paquette

This monster had a custom display system, a special ImLogix graphics card, and a special network controller and network.  The NeXTSTEP software contained the user interface, and sent commands to the display systems.

As I recall there was a radiology database server that held the images, and a custom network (ATM, maybe?) that has it's own switching system to tie workstations and the server together in whatever manner was needed.  The images would move from the server, over the custom network and it's switches to a custom card in a Cube, which was linked by a ribbon cable to the ImLogix graphics card and the attached monitor, a very high resolution monochrome display (BARCO, I think.)