Openstep on Solaris x86 possible?

Started by rey, April 17, 2017, 05:29:22 pm

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Is Openstep on Solaris x86 possible?

Which version of Solaris x86?


It doesn't seem straight-forward:

QuoteOpenMagic 1.0 will only run on Sparc CPU's since it is based on Solaris OpenStep 1.1 for Sparc. There is not, nor will there ever be, a release for any other CPU. Since LuBu OpenMagic 1.0 is based on the binary Solaris OpenStep release, it remains a Solaris Sparc product. There are no known binaries for other CPU's or operating systems. It does however fully integrate the Solaris Operating Enviroment, Common Desktop Enviroment, and any other enviroments that run on Solaris Sparc. This makes it alot easier to integrate applications into the OpenStep enviroment without the need of porting.

Granted, this is an unofficial "OpenStep 1.1","LuBu OpenMagic", but it represents another few yards gained and a clear explanation about the limitations.