Twenty Years Ago Today... Apple - NeXT Merger

Started by Nitro, December 20, 2016, 08:16:55 am

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I had a friend who kept telling me to look at the Mac.  "OS X" (he pronounced it "eks," not "ten") he would tell me... and as a Linux user I kept laughing.  I thought to myself "hey, I've got X11 on my Linux systems, so why do I need a Mac running X11?"  Then I saw one, and I instantly recognized its heritage.  I went home that day and told my wife that I needed to buy a Power Mac G4 Cube.  I bought that to match my NeXT Cube, and had it for a number of years.  The G4 Cube is long gone, but my Apples are still round.

With OS X, iOS, tvOS, blah blah blah, this is proving to be one of the best mergers in history.
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Hello: I thought you all would get a kick out of this post I wrote many years ago... yep and then they made the announcement LOL

NeXT and Apple?
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Hello Openstep Community:

NeXT and Apple potentially teaming up to solve Apples OS problem appears
to make sense and could be a very logical fit. We know the NeXTSTEP/
Openstep user interface is truly excellent; combined with the integration
of the Openstep developer tools it is a heck of a deal for anyone in the
market for a stable mature advanced yet easy to use OS. NeXT software
products now have
10 years of maturity under their belt. In fact quite a few of the lead
"Macintosh" engineers in 1985 migrated from Apple with Steve Jobs to form
"NeXT" computers and basically engineered the really cool NeXT workstations
that were years ahead of their time.

Also taking into consideration the potential for a port of Web Objects to
the Mac platform and the fact that you can already develop cross platform
Openstep applications that run across MACH, Solaris and NT using these same
Openstep developer tools it would be a win win situation for both

NeXT has been literally phasing out the NEXTSTEP/ Openstep for Mach User
interface which most of the NeXT community die hards find utterly baffling,
it currently works on NeXT Workstations (68040), Intel, Sparc and up until
3.3 HPPA Risc (We are in shock). NeXT has clearly shifted their corporate
focus to souly becoming a Web Based solution provider and Web Objects
software house and a good one at that and appear to have discontinued
supporting the OS on an in depth basis. Openstep for Solaris user interface
looks strikingly like Openstep for Mach so I'm positive a port of the
Openstep look, feel and functionality to the Mac (Apple) hardware wouldn't
be to much of a stretch. Sun paid $10 Million for the Openstep port.
My current perception is the door is wide open for Apple and the best
opportunity is now to pick up the maturity of the Openstep "NeXTSTEP" user
interface and port it to Apples hardware. Perhaps NeXT would benefit from
an up front porting fee with a royalty fee paid for each installed copy.

The complexity of NeXTSTEP Openstep for Mach hardware driver issues have
clouded the success of NeXTSTEP on Intel because the average consumer does
not want to deal with IRQ conflicts and finding out if drivers are released
or in beta for components that are in there off the shelf systems that run
Windows just fine.
Driver issues would obviously be dramatically simplified and potentially
cleaned up with Openstep Apple ports because of the proprietary nature of
Apples hardware. In an Apples to Oranges comparison, we see very few
component variables on Apple systems through their product line verse a
miriad of driver variables on the Intel side further amplified with ever
changing components like Video Cards, Ethernet, SCSI, and Sound Cards add
in the Plug and Play aspect and it creates headaches and total confusion
for your average consumer this is further compounded by the price of the OS
commercially , (Academically its a great deal). NeXT also has to deal with
the perplexity and constant challenge of updating their drivers and
explaining why this, that and the other thing doesn't work on Intel to the
average consumer this creates problems.

Also Apple does understand Marketing Strategy and Promotion, Apples ability
to meet demand created through their marketing at times is historically
questionable, now that Skulley is gone it should be a different picture.
We all know how Price affects demand, if we perceive the price as to steep,
we won't buy the product no matter how good it is this is what NeXTSTEP/
Openstep has suffered from average people can't afford it at $799, Perhaps
$199 would be more affordable to the average Joe for a light version with
add on modules like NeXT Mail etc. might be a possibility though why break
up a good thing?

Basic Economic 101 theory, price drives competition and in turn creates
volume sales that is if your products are good and the price is perceived
to be right in the mind of the consumer which in turn should create more
revenue for NeXT/Apple with the eventual goal of becoming a profitable
joint business endeavor. I'm positive the Openstep OS profit will be
there if the economies of scale are balanced ,correct me if I'm wrong and
volume sales develop enough to cover the postscript license stuff. I don't
claim to be some genius or anything, I'm just a salesman that has been
involved in sales in the trenches for the last 3 years actually selling
NeXTSTEP /Openstep, third party products and hardware for Optimal.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm the last Openstep for Mach salesman on the
planet; I have made an effort to listen to my customers cares and concerns
regarding NeXTSTEP/ Openstep and one thing is for sure, sticker shock is a
given for Openstep commercial $799 User, $4999 Developer for first time
prospects and the Openstep Academic price of $299 is deemed fair unless
they just purchased the previous version and then have to pay the same
price as a new user for the Upgrade to Academic at $299 (really sours them
especially if it is bug fixes).

NeXTSTEP/Openstep is a damn good product and I'm positive if it was
brought down to earth in price so the average consumer could afford it and
NeXTSTEP/Openstep was actually promoted/ displayed where people could try
it out in a retail settings right NeXT to Windozzz and see how easy it is
to use and how it blows Windozzz out of the water , people would chose

The flood gates would open people would want NeXTSTEP , developers would
want to write applications for it because there would be a need and there
would be demand and may be just may be this NeXTSTEP/ Openstep thing could
take off create market penetration and potentially take away market share
from the mighty Microsoft.

I just couldn't resist throwing in my 2 cents worth, I support NeXT and it
would be really cool to see Black Macs rolling off of the assembly line
Openstep loaded for bear!

Best Regards:

Rob Blessin
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"NEXTSTEP is probably the most respected software on the planet"
Byte Magazine

I don't speak for my employer , they think I'm wacked!

Kai S. Wong

Well, I guess this is a good news for NeXT/Openstep community.



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Kai S. Wong ( wrote:

: Well, I guess this is a good news for NeXT/Openstep community.

I certainly hope that it is. I would like for NeXT to continue in
whatever form it can. I never imagined that this would happen though.

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Rob Blessin President computerpowwow ebay
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