Started by hawkman, April 05, 2017, 05:08:11 pm

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Is it possible to mount an ISO in NEXTSTEP 3.3?

I have the developer tools CD in ISO file format but I don't have a SCSI CD-ROM. I checked the "man" documentation for "mount" but it doesn't seem to have the ability to mount files, or if it does, it's not obvious.

Another option would be to mount it over the network somehow. I have Mac OS X and Raspberry Pi machines at my disposal if that's the way to do it.



I solved this problem in a convoluted, painful way:

1. Copied ISO file to flash drive
2. Booted Mac with Linux rescue CD
3. Mounted ISO like this: "mount -t ufs -o ufstype=nextstep-cd /dev/cdrom /nextcd"
4. Tarballed the resulting directory then gzipped it... big mistake by the way as you'll see in a second.
5. Copied the tar.gz file to my Mac server's ftp directory
6. FTP-ed to the NeXT
7. Gunzipped then untarred - this took almost half an hour! It turns out "turbo" isn't really all that fast. It would have been quicker to just use "tar" - the space saved from compressing the file wasn't worth the significant extra time required to uncompress it. It's amazing how far computers have come in 25 years...
8. Installed developer tools smoothly and without drama.


FYI, you can use NFS from a NeXT.  I wrote a howto on using the NFS automounter (search the forums), but you can also use a static NFS mount (requires many of the same steps).
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