Brainstorm Query - Has anyone tried?

Started by rumbeard, June 28, 2019, 01:49:17 am

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So I know there was some attempt to replace the Intel kernel with Rhapsody/Darwin, but has anyone tried to port/replace the 68k kernel with NetBSD or some kind of MkBSD [like MkLinux but bsd].  I was thinking long term to contribute to their ability to run OPENSTEP/NEXTSTEP binaries and we'd need a driver shim to allow adaptation slowly of the UNIX bits to new NetBSD bits.  Long term goal is to have the basic gui and userland boot on a modern kernel but to have all the modern bits in the system as well so TLS and openSSL can be built.  Then put a borderless overlay X server on with DGS hooks and that GNUstep environs and finally an xCode translator for building new projects/porting from OS. X back into this system.  The other query would be how would the hardware behave without Mach underneath.


There was an unfinished project to run PPC Mach-O binaries on NetBSD ( that might be a good starting point.

In other news, Jason Stevens on the TUHS mailing list is currently trying to get Mach 2.5 kernel sources to compile and run on x86 (compilation already works in a virtualized MachTen environment):

However, the legal status of the Mach 2.5 source code seems to be still quite unclear and the bits of source available do not include most of the NeXT-specific things.

-- Michael


Yeah looking specifically for bootstrapping the actual black hardware into the 21st century.  So PPC and Intel are only side mentions as project-alikes.  I was speaking of the NetBSD Next68K kernel.  Either on bare metal or on Mach.  I have a feeling on Mach would make things work more easily, but bare metal might work as well you'd just have to emulate a bunch of things before the existing code can sit on top nonethewiser.  Perhaps a custom hypervisor would do it.