Qemu m99 & Mac OS X Server 1.2

Started by itomato, April 17, 2017, 06:25:42 pm

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I'm toying with Qemu's PPC Mac support, and hitting some snags testing 1.2.3 on the G4 target.

As I recall, the installer needs to boot from CD, then install the BootX extension to a running OS 9 System. The system reboots, offering the ability to select the volume with the Option key.

There seems to be an issue with the NVRAM settings for the boot-device using the default OpenBIOS setup.

Instead, I'm trying to boot the second HFS partition for the "MOSX Booter" to no avail.

A few things would really help me; Install docs for MOSX 1.2, OF parameters suitable to set the 'boot-device' or boot from the second HFS volume.

DP3 supposedly works, so that's up next  8)

Related: Does anyone recall a Software Restoration CD for G4 Server that managed images for 9 and X?



Booting from the OS 9 HDD, it's possible to run System Disk to derive the OF boot-device values. In my case:


This matches what parted tells me about the 1.2 image I'm using, with the booter partition #9.

Graphic output is compressed horizontally, with some obvious bit-depth issues and artifacts, but it loads the OS X Server splash image with spinning disk.

It hangs there. I can try getting verbose output, but I'm afraid it will be unreadable.

Virtual serial output, perhaps?


Looks like an issue with ATA device enumeration. I'm not able to progress past this point with CD/HDD swapping from Master to Slave or Primary to Secondary.


UPDATE: It seems I was overeager. It progresses, finding mach_kernel on sd0.

WARNING: preposterous time in real time clock... - always good to see.

Hanging at "Please Wait"...


If you figure this out, I want a howto.  I used to have some hardware on which I ran OS X Server, but I haven't had that for a long time.
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