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Started by eagle, April 09, 2017, 10:12:29 pm

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Hi, all.

I'm using a USA keyboard, and I can't find the backtick key on the NeXT.  I have a NeXT, and I see that it's under the ~, but when I press that key it doesn't do anything.  Also, I loaded the "Keyboard Panel" in system preferences, and it shows no character where the ` should be.  Pressing shift does reveal the ~ on that key, but there's no ` ...

Anybody ever seen that?

Also, F11 and F12 do not work for me.  Is anyone else seeing that behaviour?


Edited to add: I'm also seeing a sticky shift key, but that is not happening 100% of the time.  Sometimes if I use shift (such as when I use the _ character), the shift key sticks and all the characters after that one are in caps.
My NeXTs:
NeXT Computer prototype (68030-25 x2, 68040-25)
Two NeXTstations (68040-25)
All mono


Keyboard emulation is a difficult topic. Previous provides two modes for host key translation: Scancode and Symbolic. For me scancode mode works better. But you have to note that for some keys you need to ignore what is printed onto the keyboard. For example on my german keyboard z is y, ~ is numlock and so on. If I set keyboard layout to german under NeXTstep most keys match (e.g. z and y), while some are still different (~ and numlock). With scancode mode you can expect the keys at matching positions rather than with matching symbols. Of course this is also a problem because some keyboard lack some keys.
You can then try symbolic mode which sticks to the symbol printed on your keyboard. This should work for all symbols, that do not require modifiers (shift/alt). Others may or may not be correct.

I think there is no practical way to improve this beyond the actual state. There are just too many possible combinations of keyboard layouts, language specific keys, etc.

For the F11 and F12 problem: This is most likely related to your Mac. It works on my old Mac, but Apple did some changes to functional keys in the past.

For the sticky shift key problem: I'm seeing the same problem here. It is most likely a bug in SDL. It seems not to be caused by Previous.


I am also seeing a sticky Command key, i.e. NextStep changes the cursor from an arrow into a question mark and the only way to prevent the Help window opening whenever I click is to Command click.