G450 with DVI. OpenStep in digital not analog?

Started by rey, May 26, 2017, 04:17:56 pm

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I see mentions in this forum of the G450. I googled for the current URL and found this:


I googled the g450 and I see it's a relatively semi modern hardware with DVI !!!! Simply use a DVI to HDMI converter cable and bam.

Is it really possible to use OpenStep x86 with  a modern 1080p screen with the g450 and Mirko's driver?

I hope the answer is yes.


I will cautiously say "yes" because this is how I think my machine downstairs is set-up.  I will check and confirm some time this weekend that I was indeed using DVI.


So the answer is YES.

My OPENSTEP 4.2 Intel box is a black Pentium 4 AGP based IBM machine with Matrox G450 DVI, Adaptec 2940U2W, SoundBlaster PCI and some Intel network card.

A few years ago I purchased any hardware that was compatible with NS and OS that I saw in my local surplus store or on kijiji.  I have two machines set-up plus some backup in boxes.


:D  that is great news!

Time to go shopping.

I need to find a match with agp, or go safe with pci

Thank you for confirming this configuration!


No problem.  Have a look here when preparing your shopping list: http://www.famkoplien.de/henry/NeXT/Hardware/NeXTP4.html  :twisted:


Your custom build is quite impressive, definitely a top of the line NeXT x86 machine.

So there are two choices for DVI:


This version is AGP anything! Unlike my ATI Rage 128 AGP which was only good with my AGP 1x motherboard (incompatible with my P4 NeXT x86), this matrox G450 can support all sorts of AGP slot versions (it has that middle notch to fit AGP 4x, which is my P4 mobo).

The other choice is the PCI.  PCI is definitely a safer route since all mobos support PCI (not sure if there will be any significant performance loss), but with NeXT x86 its all about compatiblity:


This has both SVGA and DVI.

Ugh.. not sure which one to pick.  May as well go AGP first, and if that doesn't work, then buy again with PCI (I always end up with multiple hardware and pile up the spare parts. ugh).


The low profile one is the one that I am using with OPENSTEP.

And it is not my build, by the way - I should have been more descriptive.  It is a page I came across many years ago when I was putting together my i386 NeXT box and I found it useful...


Oops, that was my mistake!

I found the low profile from $16 up to $300 lol.

That's a wide price range.

I went for the $16 one.