Install Rhapsody on second hard drive with many OSes

Started by rey, May 28, 2017, 04:16:29 pm

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I chose to install on the second hard drive (first partition on the second hard drive)

What does this message mean about installing on the second hard drive?

By the way, the installer copied all files then said it had to reboot to finish the rest of the install.

After the reboot, there was no rhapsody boot program installed on the first drive, so I can't boot. I would have expected the same boot program from the floppy to be installed on my master boot record on the first hard drive. That didn't happen. So now I can't finish the install.

What are my options?


The boot blocks are most likely incompatible.

Boot from floppy and type

hd(1,0)mach_kernel -a

The kernel will ask for a root and try

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Apologies for accidentally forking off an almost duplicate thread.

But it's going to get very different. I need to think different.

I found some Rhapsody docs from Shaw's site, which briefly described a hardware approach.

In a flash it all hit me like a detective story from the 90s, the reason why the master boot record was untouched on the main drive.

Rhapsody installed the bootloader on the second hard drive where Rhapsody was installed?

To prove this, I disconnected all idea hard drives and moved the Rhapsody hard drive to be the one and only primary drive.


Rhapsody booted from that drive!!!

The solution was a hardware reconfigure, just as what the docs said to do!!

I will keep this trick in mind for any OS in the future.


# include <wittycomment.h>


Second link titled to download PDF:
Rhapsody Developer Release: Installation manual for PC Compatibles (1997)

In the PDF, page 11:

Selecting a hard disk...

Note: If you select a disk that isn't the startup disk, you must make that disk
the startup disk after you install the core OS in order to finish installing
Rhapsody on it. You can do this by reconfiguring your computer so that the
disk where you install the core OS becomes your startup disk, or


Quote from: "rey"

thanks, I've actually never really used rhapsody on intel before, and 1999 was so long ago, my distant memories on the PowerPC don't really help.
# include <wittycomment.h>


A long time ago, I briefly had a single-drive multiboot system where I used the Windows boot manager to multiboot Windows 2000 with Rhapsody and NS or OS. I used the same trick that BeOS used whereby it wrote a bootloader file to the root of the C: drive and called it via the boot manager chain command.

I don't know if this would work for multi-drive systems, it'd probably depend on whether the bootloader was able to check multiple drives for a compatible system.

For Rhapsody and the Steps I just extracted the first 512b of the boot floppy and saved that out as a bootsector file. IIRC it wasn't possible to have NS and OS on at the same time as the systems were too similar but I think it was possible to multiboot one of them alongside Rhapsody.


Ah, I use system commander to easily handle single drive use case.

I guess I should invest in pull out drives.

I avoided because back in 2000 they eventually wore out.

And I thought it would be cool to have a boot menu of 12 operating systems with System Commander, but need to obey limitations of each OS.


At this point I will assume multi drive is not supported for the steps or Rhapsody.