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Started by NeXTnewbe, April 28, 2007, 05:10:50 pm

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which NFS server XP free server . can I use to connect the Cube as a client, I did the test as server (cube) and works, but not the client, don't know why?

also, i want to know if there any samba client for Nextstep 3.3

any help please


I've successfully used a NeXT as an NFS (version 2) client (Turbo Color slab running NS 3.3, also got it working with a SPARC running OPENSTEP 4.2), but I'm not sure about server software for Windows. I've used Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris as servers successfully, though, and NetBSD or OpenBSD would certainly work, and, as you mentioned, obviously NeXTSTEP too.

As for Samba, good question. The command line smbclient would probably work. As I understand it, smbmount would require some kernel support. Now, since NS/OS are based on Mach, it's probably possible to MacGyver this in, but I'm not sure if anyone has actually done so. In a pinch you could use a Linux/BSD machine to mount the SMB shares and re-export them as NFS. This is a bit of a kluge, but hey.

Also note that NFS Version 4 won't work, as it's *very* new. I'm not sure about NFSv3 offhand. Most higher-versioned NFS servers provide options to use older versions too, but pay attention to this.
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I think Windows Services for Unix is free nowadays and I see form the description that it includes both NFS client and server: