Sparcstation 5 to 20 logic board swap - fully compatible

Started by barcher174, February 18, 2017, 11:24:23 pm

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I've wanted a sparcstation 20 since the late 90's and finally decided to purchase one. Unfortunately it arrived with some damage to the case. I was able to swap the board into my sparcstation 5 case with no issues. Just wanted to confirm that for anyone that wants to upgrade a 5. The 20 even at 60mhz runs circles around my old 5 setup.

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Hello Brian : out of curiosity are you dual booting Solaris and NeXTStep? Best regards Rob Blessin
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Right now just nextstep 3.3. I may also put Solaris on it now that everything is working. I also found a good deal on an 85mhz CPU.