Procedure for installing NS3.3 Developer cd

Started by nextchef, October 02, 2006, 02:52:17 pm

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What is the proper procedure for installing the tools off of the dev cd.
I found some package files in the NextCD..Packages folder, do I just install them and that is it.  Do I need to copy any of the other files/folders from the cd to my system, and if so, where would be best.

As usual, all help is greatly appreciated.



I usually just install the packages, you need to install some before others as you'll get errors and some files depend on other being installed first.
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According to the installation instructions that come with the NS 3.3 Dev CD, the folders and files are duplicates of the contents of the packages - just there as an easy way to get to individual parts should you accidentally delete a file(s)/folder and don't have a backup handy.