HP A5220-67003 SCSI-2 DVD in NeXTCube?

Started by tiritea, September 16, 2017, 09:16:20 pm

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I'm in the process of resurrecting my ND Turbo and looking at installing an internal slot-loading DVD, much as I've seen other do in this group. My original 1x(!)  external NeXT CD-ROM is just too painful...  These HP 6x/32x 50-pin SCSI-2 DVDs are readily available on the used market - more so than Pioneers - and should work OK in a NeXTcube (they're just SCSI), but just thought I'd check if others have successfully done so?




I don't remember the specific model number but I'm using an HP scsi slot load dvd in mine with no problems.


Happy to report works perfectly. Plug-n-play. And the slot of the DVD lines up nicely with the opening in my older cube for the original MO drive. And 32x (CD) read speed is far more pleasant than 1x.