Looking for some apps - mine were lipo'd

Started by rworne, May 09, 2006, 03:30:53 am

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I recently decommissioned my old computer from Linux fileserver use and remembered i have my old NS 3.3 and OS 4.2 CDs.  So I slowly built an Intel-based NeXT box.

I have a variety of older black hardware: a Cube and a Turbocolor and some oddities like Mix (telephony app) and Daydream.

When I started copying my stuff over to the Intel, I realized I need some copies of stuff that I had lipo'd years ago.

The program I need is: eXTRASCAN and SimonSays

I don't need the registration numbers, I have them already.

The other program I am looking for is sgmove.  This application is useful for white hardware where if you have an ATAPI CDROM it attaches to sc0 and the scanner is attached to sc1 and none of my software sees it.

Lastly, I also have ScanOmatic, and I can get that to work somewhat.  My problems are that it won't scan anything higher than 100DPI without erroring out.  

My scanner is a SCSI Epson ES-1000C or otherwise known as: GT-8500.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hy rworne,

May be an answer could be found here for your bug with ScanOmatic :


I need eXTRASCAN with the registration numbers if you can.