Sanity check: Dell Poweredge 2400 for NS 3.3?

Started by system7, July 22, 2017, 09:40:06 pm

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A tech recycler near me has a pallette of Dell Poweredge 2400s, mostly PIII 512mb.  I didn't think much about them at the time, but started thinking about getting one for NS 3.3.  There is an ISA slot for soundcard/DSP (essential for what I want to do with NextStep).  I'll need a compatible PCI video card, right?  Is there is a simple/elegant way to also use some kind of SCSI->CF/SD card solution for HDD and getting the system installed?

Is this a reasonable platform for working with NS 3.3 and doing audio stuff?  I was previously thinking of going the route of ThinkPad 755 + ThinkPad dock with ISA soundcard, but this might be easier/cheaper?

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Hello: It should work, use the dual channel eide driver for the cdrom and harddrive and set the partition size to 2 gb. Best Regards Rob Blessin
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You can install Nextstep 3.1 or greater using a Adaptec 154x ISA adapter.  The 2490 PCI is available in 3.3 or greater.  I've used both w/o issues.

As far as installation:

1) For SCSI installation You probably need to get the appropriate device driver from floppy image to do the installation (found at this site).  You'll need a SCSI CDROM.  
2) You could do an IDE installation, then migrate the disk image to SCSI and make it bootable.

Neither is what I would call simple or elegant, but definitely doable with a little research and/or coaching. SCSI does have the advantage of more capacity and disk volumes than IDE.
Suggest using the SCSI2SD Card.