Using Buildisk NeXTSTEP 1.0 from MicroSD to Optical Drive!

Started by Rob Blessin Black Hole, March 06, 2018, 11:38:47 pm

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Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello NeXT Community:  I was not sure if this would work but it is I'm using a Micro SD image of NeXTSTEP 1.0 to Build a clean install of NeXTSTEP 1.0 onto optical Disk for a customer and it works ! It has been chugging away for several hours , thank you Brian, your optical drive repair is excellent , I have been hammering on this drive as they will be using it in a display. I convinced them a better solution since they are rare is to leave the working optical drive unplugged most of the time and just use the scsi2sd because working ones truly are so rare!  Having fun with this one. Optical Drive  sounds like a typewriter running amuck over on the bench during this process . Best regards Rob Blessin
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Yep, I confirm! I built a couple of disks some time ago: it takes ages, but it just works.