Previous 2.0 - switching floppy disk images

Started by robertrezek, June 22, 2018, 04:15:19 pm

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Hello guys,
I am wondering whether it is possible to install the software from multiple floppy disk images on NEXTSTEP emulated in Previous v2.0.
I set up the first floppy image in Previous settings before the NS system starts. The floppy mounts and launches. When installation asks for the next floppy, I simply dont know how to change it. Gathering the packeges in one folder or setting the multiple images as SCSI drives didnt work for me.
Any idea how to work aorund my issue?
Regards, Robert


Hello Robert,

this should be quite simple. First eject the floppy from within NeXTstep (in case it was not automatically ejected by the installer). Then go to the floppy menu (main menu can be activated by pressing F12 or shortcutkey+o; see keyboard menu for what is your shortcutkey). From the floppy menu you can simply select and insert a new image. In case you are using a SCSI floppy drive it works the same from the SCSI menu.

I hope this solves your problem.