Getting files into a Previous environment (other than FTP)

Started by blakespot, April 25, 2018, 06:27:48 pm

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I now have Previous 2.0 running on macOS and booting NS3.3. I don't any longer run or have access to an FTP server to use as an intermediary to move apps into the Previous instance, and there's no sftp or curl or wget or even lynx installed in base NS3.3.

Is it possible to share a directory on the host system? Another approach?


(Is there an FTP file archive out there somewhere for NeXT stuff?)

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With Previous there come some README files. If you read filesharing.howto.txt you learn how to set up an NFS shared directory on Mac OS X. FTP won't work with SLiRP, but should work with PCAP.

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