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Mr Baxter strikes again?

Started by tomaz, May 03, 2018, 10:11:25 pm

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Forum members will remember our old friend Andrew Baxter, a.k.a. Andrew D. Baxter, a.k.a. David Baxter a.k.a. Mrs Phyllis A. Godfrey and possibly a number of other aliases, based in Fareham, UK, and sometimes Portsmouth, UK.

This person operates in the following manner. He purports to have a lot of rare NeXT items, which he can document with detailed photographs, shown in e-bay listings. He also sells other rare vintage computers and other signature non-computer vintage items (known to those who have had the misfortune of dealing with him in the past). Occasionally, he appears under different aliases also on this forum. If you buy cheap items from him, they will arrive and be in good working order. Once you have bought a number of items of low value, you will usually be approached with an offer to buy a rather rarer item of much higher value, and you will be offered it at a price so low (relatively) that greed will get the better of you, even if you have been warned not to deal with this person. Think Nitro or a TurboDimension Cube or a Pyro cube, for a low number of thousands, or even a batch of several such items. A once in a lifetime opportunity to own the rare collectable you have been wanting to own for years, which never turns up anywhere. Maybe several such items. And all that at a super low price, which nobody else knows about! The seller obviously doesn't know how much this is worth! You can't possibly miss such an opportunity, so you will jump at it immediately and pay. And then the item will not appear, but numerous excuses of the most creative kind will. By the time you realize you have been scammed, it will be too late. Members of this forum have been scammed despite having been forewarned by other experienced members of this forum (who had themselves been scammed in the past) and having the scam explained to them in detail.

I noticed that a person recently started posting a lot of rare NeXT items again on e-bay from an account based in Fareham, UK. The e-bay ID is thediamondfoundation3. For example, this item:


There is no guarantee that this is the same person, but it seems unlikely that there would be two sellers of a lot of rare NeXT items both based in Fareham.

Caveat emptor.

Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello Tomaz and NeXT Community:  I would have to agree with Tomaz on this one , the  relatively new eBay account June 17, 2017, even though he has 300 positives most are from sellers.  Great sleuthing Tomaz , if we take this discussion to the mothership, he can not see it as it is forum members only.  It fits the profile , I laughed when I saw one comment said dispatched immediately. A hallmark tell of Mr. Baxter , I'm tempted to take one for the team and buy the working canofile NeXT Optical Disk drive that "works" with the disks , however he does not ship to this side of the pond. I've been doing this for over 25 years and one thing I've discovered the vast majority 99% of NeXT users are honest , in fact only a few purchases or sales in the several million dollars and thousands upon thousands of customers I've done have been bad or sketchy , among these Baxter is the worst.  Like Tomaz is saying he has set up a lot of good people, I consider to be not only my customers but also long time friends .  So that being; said I'm fairly sure e-bay ID is thediamondfoundation3 fits the Baxter fake profile to a tee because of location. It is a small town in the UK . I had people email telling me Baxter had swindled them on real estate deals as well , he awakens every few years and this has happened going back a long time . If you see something Baxter is selling that is NeXT related and want to buy it .  I'll match his bloody price , yes, it will be a legitimate NeXT product and I'll ship it to you lol oh it is on like donkey kong . I'm computerpowwow on eBay and please check out  my reputation , world peace , we have your back here at nextcomputers.org !   8)

Here are examples of past postings from this fraudster and the epic flame war that ensued:

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No matter what I would not pay this price for a drive that has not been recapped. It is guaranteed to die in short order. I occasionally sell these and you are paying 90% of the cost in restoration labor, not the drive itself.


I have some new drives, and those disks too. Those Canofile disks are double-sided.