Is there anyway of using OpenStep on x64 hardware.

Started by zerohour, September 11, 2018, 03:15:06 pm

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Obviously OpenStep can be run in a VM but I was wondering if it was possible to run on more modern hardware.

I have a Celeron with 8GB of RAM and a SATA 500GB Hard drive.  It has a 520GT NVIDIA card.  Sitting idle and would be cool to run OpenStep on such.

Now sure I could run Linux with GnuStep to get the look and feel but it would be nice to run the actual OS even if it means patching a lot of stuff which it would no doubt need.

Can it be done?


it would be better to have a VM and run OpenStep on that, Celeron is a newer technology and the BIOS is modern so the OS will not run on those systems

you might be able to run it on a old 486 or 386 and maybe Pentium processors


I don't recall seeing it ever run on a 386.  

I have run Openstep 4.2 on a Pentium II /450 Mhz and 384 Mbytes of ram. Past 512Mb you might have issues, but during boot you can limit the memory used.  

I have not run it on newer hardware, but provided you meet the other hardware requirements, it probably will run on other 32 bit Pentium.  You need PS2 support and IDE limits your disk partitions.  SCSI is more flexible.

See this thread for some information -