FS: NextComputers and monitors, delivery northern Germany

Started by RimmerDK, June 06, 2018, 08:56:27 am

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Hi all.

Circumstances force my hand, and I need to slim down my various collections.

For sale is 20 NextComputers (Mono, Turbo, Color), 4 screens (newer style mono with good image), some keyboards and mice.

No soundboxes. No Turbo Colors.

1.500 euros gets the collection.

I'm driving from Denmark to Berlin on Friday, so my neighbors to the south can get delivery on the route, if they are fast.

Get in touch.



Fellow dane here :) I could be interested, but not in the entire collection.
I'm looking for a Color Station or Cube with Color.

I'm living in Copenhagen (Ballerup). Would there be anything that fits what I'm looking for, in your collection?



I would be interested in a Color and a Mono Turbo Station. If you would also part with just some of your collection.

Problem is I´m in the south of Germany so shipping would be my only option.


I would be interested in a Mono Turbo Station without monitor (Station, keyboard, mouse, video cable). If you are willing to ship to Italy, send me a MP. Thanks :)


OK, I'm seeing a lot of interest here, mostly in parts of the collection.

What I can offer in parts is a complete setup consisting of:

1 NextStation, mono
1 choice of monitor or "bare soundbox" (pcb from defective monitor, identical to soundbox pcb)
1 keyboard and mouse. adb or non-adb.

1 set for the favorable price of 300€. Add 50€ for a Turbo-station setup (just one or two available).

RAM is either 16 or 32 megabytes. Harddrive is 520MB. NextStep 3.3 is installed.

All my stations are in an optically very good condition.

Pick up in southern Denmark or at cost of shipping. In case of shipping, I recommend the "bare soundbox"-option for obvious reasons. If haste is no issue, I can offer shipment from Germany, where I can ship a system to any European destination for approximately 30€.

It's also possible to purchase just the mono or turbo station for 150/200 euros.

All systems are inspected upon picking, and pictures are sent to all buyers before shipping!

Lets see this lot go to good homes with strong, sound values!


Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello Rimmer: I'm interested in any soundbox parts or extra cables after everyone in the forum. Please do not recycle until we correspond, I'm not in a hurry.
Rob Blessin President computerpowwow ebay  sales@blackholeinc.com http://www.blackholeinc.com
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OK, some machines are gone; no more Color stations available.

Still some mono stations, standard and turbo available, as standalone computers or as a complete, turn-key package with keyboard, mouse and choice or screen or soundbox hardware.



OK, the first systems have been sent; lesson learned is that monitors are no longer being offered. The hassle of securely packing them and the high costs incurred in shipment material prohibits this. I spent more of my *own* money packing a monitor than I sold it for...

SO - Stations are still available, mostly Turbo-models. ADB and non-ADB keyboards and mice. Soundbox hardware. Screen ONLY for those who can arrange for pickup.

Nothing is being thrown out right now, so anyone looking should shoot me a PM.

At some point I'll recycle what's left, after sending Rob whatever he'd like.



Got my two NextStations and they are in a perfect cosmetic and working condition :)


@RetroJunkie: Glad to hear it. Unfortunately, the complete setup for Italy fared somewhat worse. Broken plastics on the screen, bent Ethernet connector, broken keyboard....

Looks like someone, somewhere along the route south, drove into the parcel, instead of loading it into the cargo hold. My CRT-screen packaging skills are not up to the stress of international shipping, and although I have a source of custom sized plywood crates, made specifically for shipping gearboxes internationally, the costs involved renders the option moot.

I am working out the details with the buyer now. He will be sent replacement parts my be, delivered in person in Italy by a friend or a relative of mine. Hooray for summer vacations!

So, to reiterate, NeXTStations, keyboards, mice and sound box PCB's are still available and can be sent anywhere; screens are available for pick-up only.


Hallo, ich wohne in Berlin... Ist denn von der Sammlung noch etwas übrig? Ich bin an verschiedenen Teilen interessiert! Liebe Grüße Frank


Hi Rimmer, unfortunately in these months I have not received any spare parts and your destroyed Nextstation rests unusable in a corner.
Since you have not replied to my last 4 emails, please can you let me know something via PM or email? Thank you.

Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello Krazycat: What Parts do you need as I probably have them. Best regards Rob Blessin
Rob Blessin President computerpowwow ebay  sales@blackholeinc.com http://www.blackholeinc.com
303-741-9998 Serving the NeXT Community  since 2/9/93