floppy drive replacement for Nextstep HD install

Started by oneNeXT, December 02, 2018, 07:38:36 pm

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I would like to make fresh install os NS 3.3 and OS4.2 but the floppy disk are mostly unreadable.

Did any one try to replace floppy drive with other device, maybe just like HcX floppy emulator, or Gotek ?


The Gotek works great with the FlashFloppy firmware from Github. https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy

I use mine with the OLED display connected.



The FlashFloppy project documentation show which models of the Gotek it's compatible with: https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy/wiki/Gotek-Compatibility


I bet you could also get 2.88 MB floppy support into it.