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Started by rumbeard, February 22, 2019, 05:36:35 am

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So I have this working according to instructions and I can even telnet back to the host on 42323.  My question is... do I have to rebuild from source to use the other 5 re-direct slots?

Ideally I'd swap out 42323 with 42322 for SSH, port 80, 443, 25, and maybe one other.

I can't seem to figure out even from a glance at the source where the slirp.conf stuff is.


It's in enet_slirp_start

void enet_slirp_start(Uint8 *mac) {
   struct in_addr guest_addr;
   if (!slirp_inited) {
       Log_Printf(LOG_WARN, "Initializing SLIRP");
       inet_aton("", &guest_addr);
       slirp_redir(0, 42323, guest_addr, 23);
   if (slirp_inited && !slirp_started) {
       Log_Printf(LOG_WARN, "Starting SLIRP");
       slirpq = QueueCreate();
       tick_func_handle=SDL_CreateThread(tick_func,"SLiRPTickThread", (void *)NULL);

Specifically this line:

slirp_redir(0, 42323, guest_addr, 23);
# include <wittycomment.h>