NeXT Cube + IRCAM / ARIEL ISPW board on ebay

Started by mirza, February 28, 2019, 09:18:37 am

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Hello forum,
I have put my NeXT Cube + IRCAM / ARIEL ISPW board on ebay.

scroll down the page for description in english.

Best regards


How much to ship to Hong Kong?

I'd love to have some black hw back in action!
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Thanks for asking.
I just checked with the french post website for shipping 2 boxes of about 10 Kg each to HK, and it should be somewhere between €300 and €400, depending on actual size & weight, insurance, etc.
I would probably also check with UPS, DHL, Fedex... for some of them might offer better rates to Asia.
But that gives you an idea.