unable to set the date/time on my slab?

Started by Waltermixxx, March 16, 2019, 01:48:01 pm

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hi there, when i go into the "control panel" and try and change the time and date, when I click the set button,  it immediately resets back to the wrong date in 2012 for some reason?  the computer boots up fine so I dont think it's a battery issue, because i think (please correct me if I'm wrong) a good battery is required in order for it to remember the settings you assign when using the P command in the Monitor Rom?  

if you know why i cannot set my time please let me know. :)
Cheers. :)



Thank you for your quick reply.  

No,  I think that's the issue  because it does allow me to set a date before 1999. Just odd because it started with a 2012 date so I fired it was already there.  

I will now have to google how to install the patch.  

Quick question, I only have 1.4 mbyte pc disks.  And I know the next will read them.  Will the patch fit on a standard PC disk? And can the next run next apps from a pc formatted disk? Assuming the app fits on the disk?


The patch is 16MB, so it'd take a lot of splitting and copying to get it there on floppies. I think it can read dos formatted disks.