DOOM II performance on 040?

Started by elemenoh, September 05, 2019, 05:02:30 am

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I recently installed DOOM II on my 040 Cube. It launches, but runs very slowly and the window is small and seems to not be resizable. Is this expected on an 040 with 16MB RAM? Is there anything I can do to speed it up? Is it possible to make it full-screen?



NeXTstep (Doom I) had options to resize the window to 200% and 400%.
As far as I remember, increasing the window size reduced the performance noticeable.

I am not aware of any window resize or full screen option in

DoomII runs better on a Turbo machine, or a Pyro Cube, but it is not really fast.


nuss beat me to it.

I am cleaning out Dropbox right now and I found an old Doom screenshot; my screenshot shows a menu option to zoom to 200%.
My NeXTs:
NeXT Computer prototype (68030-25 x2, 68040-25)
Two NeXTstations (68040-25)
All mono


Sidenote: The option for 400% was available in the code of Doom 1.2, but you had to add a menu-item with InterfaceBuilder (NeXTstep 3.0 or 3.3) and connect it to the action "scale4:" as found in

Have tried to re-construct it with OpenSteps InterfaceBuilder, but the resulting NIB crashes, therefore can not present screenshot of 400% Doom :(

Anyhow 400% view was kind of huge and slow (on my 25MHz slab), so I assume that id Software decided to removed the menu-item before releasing Doom 1.2 FAT simply for not being blamed for "poor performance" 8)

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