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Hey everyone!

This is a bizarre first post but:

I've been trying to track down an app my father had on his NeXT cube for years now that I was obsessed with as a child that, when opened, would play a compressed .snd version of Marky Mark's 1991 hit "Good Vibrations" that summoned upon your desktop a small cadre of skeleton dancers. This amused me to no end and trying to recreate the effect of drawing graphics straight onto the desktop layer (not an easy task anymore) like that years later drove me into becoming a programmer.

So, I've searching for the source even more years later has been fruitless, especially not remembering the name of the app. I can report that no combinations of the words "Marky Mark Skeleton Next Dance" will return anything useful to anyone. I set up a Nextstep Virtual box and recently a Previous installation and ran through any app with a name sounding even remotely "spooky" from this domain's wonderful ftp archive. But alas.

So today I was browsing eBay for a NeXT soundbox (with similar futility) and came across an auction for a cube with this in the pictures:

I immediately emailed the seller asking to give me this app, but am afraid I came across as a crazy person or a spam bot.
However, by zooming in and enhancing, I discovered the app name:

To my dismay, "halloween" only appears in archived Usenet posts in the only two NeXT ftp sites i know of. Google, which no longer respects verbatim syntax in its verbatim mode btw, is pretty convinced I'm trying to find information about the episode "Halloween" from the series "The Next Step" or an "App" to watch it on.

So, I've come here to humbly ask for help. Do any of you have a copy of Halloween.app, know who made it, know why they made it?

Can you help me perform Mark Wahlberg's necormantic nocturne and 1991 Billboard Top 100 Hit "Good Vibrations" and summon my childhood friends once again?


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Hello: Awe yes one of my favorites .... Try peanuts 3 under games ...http://www.nextcomputers.org/NeXTfiles/Software/Peanuts/ISO/
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