NEXTSTEP 3.3 after installation "troubles"...

Started by Jenne, October 06, 2006, 09:06:21 am

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Again I would like to contact this forum and it's very well informed users about a little bunch of annoying troubles I do have with my fresh install of NS 3.3 on my MonoStation.

1. Although changing the boot parameters several times my slab keeps up starting the boot manager always saying that the default boot device (which is configured as SCSI 0 and dedicated as bsd(0,0,0)) can not be found. When entereing "bsd" afterwards (or "bsd(0,0,0)") and hitting return everything works fine again. I would really like to see my slab showing the "testing system" graphics first... Shall I enable "motor start" on my hd?

2. I've managed to set up a root password and I'm using it from time to time via "open sesame". What I would like to have is the login window where You can enter user or root name and password. How do I work this?

Thanks again for every help I already got from You!



To get the login window, change the password for user "me" to anything but an empty password (you don't even have to give "root" a password).