Nebula and Nova Cd's Downloadable Iso's now available Free on our archives!

Started by Rob Blessin Black Hole, June 28, 2019, 01:15:42 am

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Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello NeXT Community: I just spoke with Eric Tremblay and he is joining the NeXT forums. He has given me permission to upload ISO's of Nebula and Nova NeXT compilation CD's , he authored back in the day and we are making them FREE for all Forum members to download! He also has NeXTstation complete with original boxes and software that he would like to sell, he is located in Montreal, Canada . If you are interested feel free to contact me through messages. I'll follow up with link's once I've created the master Iso's for Nebula 2 cd set and NOVA . Best regards Rob Blessin
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