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Most newb question ever

Started by dtoddh, July 09, 2019, 07:28:30 pm

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Hi. I just acquired a NeXT cube and I'm trying to figure out how to boot it up. I know these were powered on with a keyboard, but I don't have one of these. When I plug it is nothing happens. Does that mean the power supply is dead? Should anything happen simply by plugging it in?


1) always check the battery on the logic board. It is required to boot.

2) how are you connecting the cube? Through a next monitor or through a soundbox? Early cubes ( power supply cersion 152) require the power draw of a monitor for the power supply to work. Rob (blackhole) carries a board which will simulate the power draw of the monitor if you have this problem.


Thanks for the reply. I'm certain the motherboard battery is dead, it's likely this has been sitting for 25+ years. I only have the cube, no monitor, keyboard or mouse. I'll look into what Blackhole has to offer, thanks again.


Quote from: dtoddh on July 09, 2019, 07:28:30 pmShould anything happen simply by plugging it in?
Nothing should happen just from plugging in the cube.  The power switch works by shorting a connector pin to ground.  Which pins are involved depends on ADB vs non-ADB.  You are going to need a keyboard and mouse anyway so time to start shopping....