NeXTStation With Apache 1.3.5, OpenSSL and PHP 3.0.18

Started by nextaddict, August 20, 2019, 11:24:28 pm

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I just done my port of PHP 3.0.18 on Nexstep 3.3 BLACK HARDWARE.
It works great with Apache.

I have more tests to check it is working fully, but hey,
it is cool to have a "modern" web server on a modest
NeXTStation Turbo workstation (68040 @ 33 Mhz and 64 MB)


I had to shut down the server so here are some pictures.

I need to figure why :

- POST variables don't work (I tested with a CGI in C and the environnement variables
are good for GET or POST requests, so it comes from my port)
- Why sometimes I have to refresh the php page to display correctly and not a blank page...
the size of the binary may be an explaination (2MB)