Cube 040 25Mhz not booting 0: not found load failed

Started by trodemaster, September 15, 2019, 11:59:22 pm

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Having issues getting this cube up and running. Getting the error in the screenshot with 2 known good good disks that work in my mono slab. Additionally the original disk it came with shows the same error on boot. I have pulled it apart and vacuumed out the case and board. Re-checked cabling and such a few times. I have even swapped out the scsi ribbon with a known good one from slab.

Any suggestions?


It's trying to load '0' as the kernel.  Try with just 'bsd', which should load the default kernel from disk 0.

The syntax for booting from an explicit SCSI disk is 'bsd(x,0,0)', where 'x' is the device number, e.g. 'bsd(1,0,0)' for second logical disk.

A full description of booting from the ROM monitor is available in the NeXTSTEP Admin manual, chapter 9, search for 'Booting from a Device'.

Hope that helps :)
Lisp Hacker


Ok that did it! I read that guide or a similar one a few times but just had that argument stuck in my head. It booted from my existing SCSI2SD v6 immediately using the simple bsd command. Knocking the Next rust off my brain will help with this restoration.



Yeah, I can understand that.  Years of Unix result in me seeing 'sd' and thinking 'ahh, Unix device! sd0!'  ;D

Glad you got it booting :)
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