Cube, Color station and Mono station for sale in Germany

Started by naechsterschritt, October 19, 2019, 01:16:27 pm

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Hi everyone,

I consider parting with my Cube, Color station and Mono station:

1. NeXTcube, Mega-Pixel Display 21",
   keyboard, mouse, cables, speaker

2. NeXTstation Color, Mega-Pixel Display 17",
   keyboard, mouse, cables, speaker

3. NeXTstation Mono, Mega-Pixel Display 17",
   keyboard, mouse, cables

I implemented my Diplomarbeit on the Cube, and took over all three machines in 1999 when my research lab decommissioned them.  Since then they were tucked away in my parents' basement, near Hanau, Hessen, Germany.  Except the cube itself, which I have with me in Berlin.  I wanted it close and thus used it for a nightstand (I know, sorry, I am ashamed).

It's hard to part with the hardware, emotionally, but, realistically, I don't and won't have the space nor time to refurbish and play with them.

I set up the Color and Mono stations in July on a trip home to check whether they still work.  The Mono station booted alright after a few attempts.  The Color station tried to boot up but couldn't because of a HD failure.  The mice need serious cleaning, and there is still glue residue on the cables and peripherals from the tape I used to strap them together years ago.  Nevertheless, it should be possible to get them back into fine shape by giving them a little love.  I couldn't try out the Cube without the peripherals but it worked just fine in '99 and is well kept.

I have no idea how much to ask.  If you are interested then please let me know what the hardware is worth to you.  If you aren't interested but have a clue what it's worth then please clue me in.

I have no pressure to sell.  Whatever you offer, please consider my overhead gathering the hardware and my emotional attachment.  I do this primarily because it is a pity to let these beautiful machines sit in a basement until I die and then what.

Oh, if someone is interested in NeXTSTEP for Intel and/or a variety of NeXT manuals then please let me know.  I should still have that stuff lying around somewhere in that basement, too.


I also worked with a NeXT at university in the early 90s. And I have been a desktop computer collector and restorer for quite a while. Therefore I'd like to express an interest in your Cube in first place. However I have no idea of how to PM to you in German. But I have an exact idea what a Cube or a colour Station is worth to me. It depends on you if you are prepared to part with either of them. Personal contact in Berlin could be appropriate.


I'm ready to buy for myself lot #2
NeXTstation Color, Mega-Pixel Display 17",
  keyboard, mouse, cables, speaker
How can I contact you?